Welcome! I created this site because I found myself searching through all sorts of online resources for infosec news, latest vulnerabilities, and newest exploits. Then after a few years of dormancy I came back because LinkedIn and Twitter were simply too negative and sensational for my liking.

I certainly have a passion for information security, but I am comprised of more than just my career. I’m a family man, I love learning, and lately I’ve become very interested in philosophy and personal growth. I “try” to spend more time reading, although I admit that I don’t get around to it nearly as often as I’d like.

For most of my life, I thought that if I could just get as much information as I could, as quickly as I could, I would be successful. I’ve since learned that there is great value in slowing down and sitting with a problem or question for a while before rushing to the fastest solution.

Probably more about me than you ever wanted to know, but I’d like to learn all about you. Why are you here? What are you into?

More information about my professional experience can be found at my LinkedIn.com profile.