Winter Update

Joseph Campbell & The Hero's Journey
Joseph Campbell (image source:

The last time I posted, I hinted toward something like a new podcasting approach aimed solely at continued learning. That led me to start learning about Joseph Campbell, who became famous for his work in The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

That took me to an overview of his Hero Journey work, a Netflix documentary named Finding Joe, and then a biography of Joseph Campbell by Stephen and Robin Larson called A Fire in the Mind.

What I thought was going to be one episode about Joseph Campbell and then 9 episodes on the Hero’s Journey has turned into a few months of just reading and researching about the man, himself. Joseph was so much more than what we know him for. He was a world-class athlete, a biologist, an author, a philosopher, a musician (of probably more than 10 instruments), an educator, and just an all-around thinker.

This is my long way of saying that I’m not even close to planning a podcast series and probably won’t be for several months. That said, I am having a blast and old Joe is giving me quite a bit to think and read about.

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