20 Thoughts of an American Who Cares

1. I think hard workand responsibility should be rewarded.
2. I think that there should be fewer programs for helping people without insurance, jobs, or homes because more likely than not it was their own poor life choices that put them in whatever situation they are in to begin with.
Rob Davies, http://www.redbubble.com

3. I think that if we eliminated or suspended these programs, it would force members of the next generation to make better decisions and plans for their lives.

4. I think the biggest problem in our country is not our government, but our national culture.
5. I think the jealousy that many lower and middle class Americans have for the “Rich” is absurd and discourages ambition.
6. I am not a Republican.
7. I am not a Democrat.
8. I think the two party system of government in our country causes much more harm than any one person ever could.
9. I want to see political candidates who are options because of their leadership abilities, not simply because their party thinks they are most likely to win.
10. I could certainly be wrong, and I welcome that possibility with the hope that whoever is right will succeed.
11. I think social programs should exist, but only after our culture has changed for the better. Otherwise, they will continue to be abused.
12. I think all government benefits should require voter registration, if not also participation.
13. I want change that works and I think that involves a swift kick in the rear for most Americans.
14. I think it is sad that many Americans don’t understand how percentages work when it comes to taxes.

15. I think “facts” I learn on TV are spin until proven to be truth through actual research.

16. I don’t tell my kids that everything will be okay because that won’t be the case if they make poor choices.

17. I don’t like that I am supposed to feel empowered by the fact that I went to public school and my parents didn’t pay for my education, yet my kids will likely be criticized for “having better opportunities”. Whatever happened to creating your own opportunities, like I was forced to do?

18. I am hopeful for my children’s future because I focus on teaching them how to be good, hardworking people. They will automatically have a leg up on their peers.
19. I am not raising good kids. I am creating responsible, successful adults who (with any luck) will care about their community, their country, their children, and the future enough to stay informed.

20. I am afraid that there aren’t many other Americans like me.