George Zimmerman: Not Guilty In Trayvon Martin Case

As the old adage says, the jury is out. George Zimmerman was found not guilty for murdering Trayvon Martin in a case that we have been force-fed by the media for the past year. During that time, an estimated 16 thousand or more other people were killed in the United States and there were about 2 million emergency room visits due to assault, according to homicide statistics from
Why are we hearing more about this case? Some would say it is due to the possible race or racial profiling implications that may have been involved. Do I think it was about race? I have no clue, but that really doesn’t matter. If the media says it could be about race, people watch it, ratings increase, and the networks drag it on until the horse is dead, buried, and in horsey heaven.
It may very well have been about racial profiling, but it could also have been about someone dressed like they were up to no good and physically assaulting an armed neighborhood watchman. I don’t care what color you are. If you beat me up while I am volunteering to protect my block from bad guys, I might shoot you.
In even greater news, Geraldo Rivera was looking especially authoritative in his report on the verdict this morning. I have also received confirmation that his legendary mustache is indeed controlled by the strings attached to his eye brows and disheveled hair – thus adding to the suspicion that Geraldo’s mustache is actually the real television personality and the rest of his face is just a necessary vehicle for success. Another fun fact: Geraldo is 70 years old! Who knew?
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